Daily Bread


Photos transformations into art tell the story of devastation and the dreams of the rebirth of an aspiring nation! Artist: Rev. Josephenie Hendy Hebbert Clarence Tawaska De Robertson, Matriarch of the Miskitu Nation, was born in Silver City, Mosquitia on December 10th, 1943. She grew up with her mother, Lady Keturah Hendy Crown Princess of Miskitu Nation and her father, originally from Sudan. Her mother was a midwife and holistic healer who traveled from town to town helping those in need. Her family – specifically her brothers -uncles were the heirs of the Miskitu Kingdom. They were all assassinated and their lands seized for their abundant natural resources. Her parents and the elders taught her the oral history of their nations. Her kingdom has been living under oppression and the threat of “extermination” since 1894.



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