About The Artist

The Artist Rev. Josephenie Robertson, who escaped assassination in 1960 from her home country of Miskitu Coast under forced annexation to Nicaragua and Honduras, uses Art as a form of therapy and self-expression, she also translates the culture, history, and folklore through a Variety of art forms. Sales from her
art support her foundation (Miskitu Nation Foundation) to end genocide, bring social justice, cultural, ecological preservation, and renewal to the once Sovereign Nation. The Miskitu people are original peoples of Central America along with the Mayas and until the 19th century a self-sustaining country. through the sale of ger art out of her own pocket is helping to rebuild communities, reinvigorate deforested areas, provide legal aid and help a rich culture thrive. With your purchase, you can see positive change in real-time. By working along with 1st nation “indigenous” people, we can reverse the damage we humans have done and thrive!