Josephenie H.H.C.B.T Robertson M.T.T.

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“The Miskitu Nation are the original people on the Moskitia/Mosquito (Miskitu) territory in Atlantic Coast Caribbean Central America. Their history dates back to the Mayan civilizations.”

I am Rev. Josephenie Robertson, the matriarch of the Miskitu Nation, I am here to tell you the beautiful history and culture of the Miskitu people and the plight we face. Growing up in the political sphere, my family is part of the royal bloodline, my grandfather Andrew curator of the Miskitu library – it is in my blood to carry on the Miskitu legacy. My art is my therapeutic coping mechanism, it is how I speak to my ancestors and translate the suffering of the living those who are dying and the promise of rejoice it is also the language of the spirits and angels of the earth and other realms of God’s Universe.

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